This semester the Tarlow Lab will be hosting a weekly book club open to all Hampton University students. We hope you can join us as we read and discuss The Body Keeps the Score by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk.

The Body Keeps the Score (Amazon link) has been widely described as a “masterpiece” and modern classic that explores the science and treatment of psychological trauma.

The Tarlow Lab will prepare discussion questions each week following the schedule below. Attend when you can, and come-and-go as your schedule permits.

Discussion Schedule

All book club meetings will start in MLK 235 at 11:30 am and run for 30-60 minutes. (discussion moderators in parentheses)

Part One: The Rediscovery of Trauma

Wed 9/25: Prologue and Chapter 1 (moderator: Dr. Tarlow)

Wed 10/2: Chapters 2-3 (Ashley)

Part Two: This is Your Brain on Trauma

Wed 10/9: Chapter 4 (Azariah)

Wed 10/16: Chapters 5-6 (Christina)

Part Three: The Minds of Children

Wed 10/23: Chapter 7 (Abby)

Wed 10/30: Chapter 8-9 (Autumn)

Wed 11/6: Chapter 10 (Brianna)

Part Four: The Imprint of Trauma

Wed 11/13: Chapters 11-12 (Azariah)

Part Five: Paths to Recovery

Wed 11/20: Chapter 13 (Mia)

Wed 12/4: Chapter 14 and Epilogue (Dr. Tarlow)

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